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Professor Alena Rettová

PhD (Charles University, Prague)
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Alena Rettova
African Languages, Cultures and Literatures Section

Professorial Research Associate

Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS)


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Professor Alena Rettová
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PhD Supervision Completed so far
  • Ida Hadjivayanis, “Norms of Swahili Translations in Tanzania: An Analysis of Selected Translated Prose”, 2006-2011 second supervisor
  • Benedetta Lanfranchi, “Judging crimes against humanity in Acholi: a philosophical interpretation of the use of Acholi traditional justice mechanisms in the aftermath of the war in northern Uganda”, 2011-2015, lead supervisor
  • Sara Marzagora, “Alterity, coloniality and modernity in Ethiopian political thought: the first three generations of 20th century Amharic-language intellectuals”, 2014-2015, lead supervisor
  • Joshua McNamara, “Small scale audiovisual production and its relationship with the development and aid sector in Nairobi: an approach toward Kenya’s media environment, from the perspective of practice-based research”, 2011-2015, second supervisor
  • Katriina Ranne, “The image of water in the poetry of Euphrase Kezilahabi”, 2006-2010, lead supervisor
  • Aïsha Schmitt, “Beyond praising the prophet: making new meanings in Zanzibari Qasida”, 2008-2012, second supervisor


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Angelica Baschiera,
  • Cristina Nicolini, The evolution of communications in HIV / AIDS prevention – Research in South-East Tanzania
  • Jinjian Li, Nyerere and Post-Colonial Swahili Literature (working title)
  • Michelle Louise Clarke, Eco-criticism in African Literature: New Interpretations
  • Miriam Pahl, Precarious Lives in the Postcolony – The Concept of the Human in Contemporary African Genre Fiction in English


Authored Books

Rettová, Alena (2013) Chanter l'existence : La poésie de Sando Marteau et ses horizons philosophiques. Středokluky: Zdeněk Susa.

Rettova, Alena (2007) Afrophone Philosophies: Reality and Challenge. Středokluky: Zdenek Susa.

Rettova, Alena (2004) We Hold on to the Word of Lizard. A Small Anthology of Zimbabwean Ndebele Writing. Středokluky [Czech Republic]: Zdenek Susa.

Rettová (Nováková), Alena (2002) Africká filozofie mezi lékaři a filozofy. Středokluky (Czech Republic): Zdeněk Susa.

Rettova, Alena (2001) Africká filosofie: Dějiny, trendy, problémy. Středokluky (Czech Republic): Zdeněk Susa.


Rettova, Alena (2018) 'Swahili and Swahili poetry in Lubumbashi: The language and lyrics of Sando Marteau'. Archív Orientální, (86) 3, pp 333-362.

Rettova, Alena (2018) 'Translation as destruction: Kezilahabi's adaptation of Heidegger's 'Being'.'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (81) 3, pp 439-457.

Rettova, Alena (2017) 'Sci-fi and Afrofuturism in the Afrophone Novel: Writing the Future and the Possible in Swahili and in Shona'. Research in African Literatures, (48) 1, pp 158-172.

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'Time as Myth, Time as History in Afrophone Novels on Ujamaa (Tanzanian Socialism) and the Second Chimurenga/Umvukela (Zimbabwean Liberation War)'. Comparative Literature, (68) 4, pp 389-407.

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'Writing in the Swing? Neo-Realism in Post-Experimental Swahili fiction'. Research in African Literatures, (47) 3, pp 15-31.

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'African philosophy as a radical critique [Editorial for Special Issue on African Philosophy]'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (28) 2, pp 127-131.

Rettová, Alena (2015) 'The singer of pain: Suffering and subversion in the poetry of Sando Marteau'. International Journal of Francophone Studies, (18) 2-3, pp 359-384.

Rettová, Alena (2015) 'A solitary war? Genre, community and philosophy in Swahili culture'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (28) 2, pp 209-224.

Rettová, Alena (2015) 'The Second Year of Asixoxe'. Modern Africa: Politics, History and Society, (3) 1, pp 149-151.

Biersteker, Ann and Rettová, Alena (2012) 'Swahili Language and Literature'. Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies.

Rettová, Alena (2010) 'Philosophy in utenzi metre. Expression of ideas and values in post-independence Swahili historiographic poetry'. Swahili Forum, (17), pp 34-57.

Rettova, Alena (2007) 'Lidství ni Utu? Ubinadamu baina ya Tamaduni'. Swahili Forum, (14), pp 89-134.

Rettova, Alena (2005) ''The best of all possible worlds'? The creation of a world in W. E. Mkufya's Ziraili na Zirani'. Swahili Forum, (12), pp 15-24.

Rettova, Alena (2004) 'Afrophone philosophies: possibilities and practice. The reflexion of philosophical influences in Euphrase Kezilahabi's Nagona and Mzingile'. Swahili Forum, (11), pp 45-68.

Rettova, Alena (2002) 'Die Reduplikation im Deutschen und im Swahili'. Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Philologica 2, Germanistica Pragensia, (XV (19), pp 53-58.

Edited Books or Journals

Rettová, Alena, (ed.), (2016) Journal of African Cultural Studies. Special issue on African Philosophy.. London: Routledge [Taylor and Francis]. (Volume 28, Issue 2).

Book Chapters

Rettova, Alena (2017) 'How ujamaa was told: The situatedness of philosophy and the impact of genre on the expression of ideas and values.'. World Philosophies in Dialogue: Perspectives and Challenges. Mimesis. [Forthcoming]

Rettova, Alena (2016) 'Czechoslovakia’s Swahilists: Elena Bertoncini-Zúbková.'. Festschrift to Elena Bertoncini Zúbková. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. [Forthcoming]

Rettova, Alena (2016) 'La médialité et intermédialité du savoir en Afrique: le savoir philosophique entre tradition et modernité.'. Festschrift to Elena Bertoncini Zúbková. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. [Forthcoming]

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'Novel in African Languages'. In: Gikandi, Simon, (ed.), Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 11 - The Novel in Africa and the Caribbean since 1950. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 71-86.

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'Comparative Literature and the Position of the Critic'. In: Loveday, Leo and Parpală, Emilia, (eds.), Ways of Being in Cultural and Literary Spaces. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp 206-217.

Rettová, Alena (2016) 'From Mimesis to Mize. Philosophical Implications of Departures from Literary Realism'. In: Vierke, Clarissa and Greven, Katharina, (eds.), Dunia Yao. Utopia/Dystopia in Swahili Fiction. Cologne: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, pp 113-146.

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Rettová, Alena (2012) ''They see him, but they don't recognize him because of his striking attire': Africa's changing identities and the Lingala novel'. In: Fiala, Vlastimil, (ed.), Multiple Identities in Post-Colonial Africa. Hradec Králové: Publishing House Moneta-FM, pp 191-202.

Rettová, Alena (2011) 'Philosophy of the Powerless: The Singer, the Sage, and Philosophy in Africa'. In: Horáková, Hana and Nugent, Paul and Skalník, Petr, (eds.), Africa: Power and Powerlessness. Hamburg: LIT Verlag, pp 92-106.

Rettová, Alena (2011) 'L'existentialisme et la littérature swahili'. In: Coulon, Virginia and Garnier, Xavier, (eds.), Les Littératures africaines. Textes et terrains. Paris: Karthala, pp 427-442.

Rettová, Alena (2008) '‘The horns of my thoughts are fastened together in a knot’: transformations of ‘humanity’ in Swahili and Shona literatures'. In: Oed, Anja and Reuster-Jahn, Uta, (eds.), Beyond the Language Issue: The Production, Mediation and Reception of Creative Writing in African Languages. Cologne: Rüdiger Köppe, pp 263-274.

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Book Reviews

Rettová, Alena (2009) 'Review of "Elena Bertoncini Zúbková, Mikhail D. Gromov, Said A. M. Khamis and Kyallo Wadi Wamitila: Outline of Swahili Literature. Prose Fiction and Drama".'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (72) 3, pp 594-596.

Rettová, Alena (2008) 'Review of "Xavier Garnier: Le roman Swahili: la notion de 'littérature mineure' à l'épreuve"'. Research in African Literatures, (39) 3, pp 210-211.

Rettová, Alena (2008) 'Review of "Alamin Mazrui: Swahili Beyond the Boundaries: Literature, Language, Identity"'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (71) 3, pp 608-609.


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