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Professor Itesh Sachdev

BSc (Bristol), PhD (McMaster)
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Sachdev, Itesh (2006) ''I Like the Americans... but I Certainly Don't Aim for an American Accent': Language Attitudes, Vitality and Foreign Language Learning in Denmark'. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, (27) 2, pp 91-108.

Sachdev, Itesh (2004) 'Identity, Language Use, and Attitudes: Some Sylheti-Bangladeshi Data from London, UK'. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, (23) 1, pp 49-69.

Jaworski, A. and Sachdev, Itesh (2004) 'Teachers' beliefs about students' talk and silence: Constructing academic success and failure through metapragmatic comments'. Language Power and Social Process, (11), pp 227-246.

Book Chapters

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Sachdev, Itesh and Giles, Howard and Pauwels, Anne (2013) 'Accommodating multilinguality'. In: Bhatia, Tej K. and Ritchie, William R., (eds.), Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell-Wiley, pp 391-416.

Sachdev, Itesh (2005) 'Bilingual Accommodation'. In: Bhatia, Tej K. and Ritchie, W.C., (eds.), The Handbook of Bilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell, pp 353-78.

Sachdev, Itesh and Bourhis, R. (2005) 'Multilingual Communication and Social Identification'. In: Harwood, Jake and Giles, Howard, (eds.), Intergroup Communication. Multiple Perspectives. New York: Peter Lang, pp 65-91.


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