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Dr Katherine P Zebiri

BA, PhD (London)
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PhD Students supervised
  • Amina Khatun, Muslim women mystics: The faith stories of contemporary British Muslim women in the transnational Bani Alawiyya Tarīqa of Hadhramawt
  • Kamal Hussain, Epistemological Congruence of Modernist Thought: a Case Study of Minority Fiqh and Other Related Matters
  • Marta Domingue Diaz, The European Budshishiyya, local religiosities of a global Sufi Order Today


Contemporary Sufism; Muslims in Britain; conversion to Islam; modern Islamic scholarship; Qur’anic studies; Muslim-Christian relations; religion, spirituality and psychology


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Authored Books

Zebiri, Kate (2008) British Muslim Converts: Choosing Alternative Lives. Oxford: Oneworld.

Zebiri, Kate (1997) Muslims and Christians face to face. Oxford: Oneworld.

Zebiri, Kate (1993) Maḥmūd Shaltūt and Islamic modernism. Oxford: Clarendon Press.


Zebiri, Kate (2012) '“Holy Foolishness” and “Crazy Wisdom” as Teaching Styles in Contemporary Western Sufism'. Religion and Literature, (44) 2, pp 93-122.

Zebiri, Kate (2009) 'The Relationship between Seeker and Spiritual Guide as portrayed in Contemporary Western Sufi Autobiographies'. Comparative Islamic Studies, (5), pp 297-333.

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Book Chapters

Zebiri, Kate (2011) 'Orientalist Themes in Contemporary British Islamophobia'. In: Esposito, John L. and Kalin, Ibrahim, (eds.), Islamophobia: The Challenge of Pluralism in the 21st Century. New York: Oxford University Press.

Zebiri, Kate (2006) 'Argumentation'. In: Rippin, Andrew, (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to the Qur'an. Oxford: Blackwell, pp 266-281.

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Zebiri, Kate (2001) 'Muslim Perceptions of Christianity and the West'. In: Ridgeon, Lloyd, (ed.), Islamic Interpretations of Christianity. London: Curzon, pp 179-203.


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