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Dr Lindiwe Dovey
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Lindiwe Dovey is a scholar, teacher, filmmaker, and film curator, and her work aims to combine film scholarship and practice in mutually enlightening ways.

As a filmmaker she has concentrated on making adaptations of literature (for example, of Olive Schreiner and Vladimir Nabokov’s writing), and adaptation and cultural appropriation are also topics she has reflected on in depth in her scholarly work – for example, in her first book, African film and Literature: Adapting Violence to the Screen (2009), as well as in numerous journal articles and book chapters. What primarily interests her about adaptation are the power dynamics involved in the retelling of certain stories, and the fascinating ways that people remake and reinterpret narratives in new moments and new contexts. In a recent study, for example, she looks at the ways that Ugandan veejays creatively transform foreign films for local audiences in Uganda.

As a film curator, Lindiwe has been instrumental in raising the profile and visibility of African film in the UK. She is the Co-Founder of Film Africa, for which she was also the Co-Director and the Film Programme Director in 2011 and 2012; and the Founding Director of the Cambridge African Film Festival, the UK’s longest running annual African film festival. In her scholarly work she has combined in-depth research into the exhibition, circulation, and curation of African film with reflections on her own experiences of founding, directing, and curating film festivals, most notably in her new book Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals (2015), and in articles in journals such as Screen, Cinema Journal, Scope, Jump Cut, Journal of African Cultural Studies, and Feminist Africa.       

Lindiwe is the recipient of numerous awards, such as the 2011 SOAS Director’s Teaching Prize, a Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding scholarship and a Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award.

Lindiwe teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses at SOAS, and is interested in supervising doctoral research on all aspects of African screen media and, in particular, the South African context, film festivals, and gender dynamics.   

You can find out more about Lindiwe and her work at her website Lindiwe Dovey.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Estrella Sendra Fernandez, Two-tier festivals in Senegal between the local and the international: A case study of the Festival of Folklore and Percussion (FESFOP) in Louga, Senegal
  • Joshua McNamara, Small scale audiovisual production and its relationship with the development and aid sector in Nairobi: an approach toward Kenya's media environment, from the perspective of practice-based research.
  • Michael W. Thomas, Themes and Trends in Ethiopian (Amharic) Cinema: Pioneering Films of the Past and Popular Cinema of the Present-day.
  • Robin Steedman, Nairobi-based Female Filmmakers and the ‘Creative Hustle’: Gender and Film Production between the Local and the Transnational

Recent PhD Students Supervised

  • Caroline Mose, Kenyan Hiphop: Interrogating Socio-Political Interventions of Popular Youth Culture in Nairobi


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Authored Books

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Edited Books or Journals

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Book Chapters

Dovey, Lindiwe (2019) 'Listening Between the Images: African Filmmakers’ Take on the Soviet Union, Soviet Filmmakers’ Take on Africa'. In: Lu, Xiaoning, (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming]

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Book Reviews

Dovey, Lindiwe (2011) 'Review of "Men in African Film & Fiction" edited by Lahoucine Ouzgane'. English in Africa, (38) 3, pp 147-152.

Dovey, Lindiwe (2009) 'Review of 'The Devil you Dance With: Film Culture in the New South Africa''. Cineaste, (35) 1, pp 80-82.


Dovey, Lindiwe (2012) 'Film Africa 2012'.

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Dovey, Lindiwe (2013) 'Interview with Rasselas Lakew' Journal of African Cultural Studies, 25.

Dovey, Lindiwe (2013) 'Interview with Davey Frankel: A marathon, not a sprint - the journey of The Athlete towards being seen' Journal of African Cultural Studies, 25.


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