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Dr Stephen Heder

BA, MA (Cornell) PhD (London)
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  • Nationalism and racism
  • Democratisation and civil society
  • Human rights
  • International Criminal Justice
  • State and other political violence
  • Politics of international organisations in Asia and Africa


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Authored Books

Heder, Stephen and Tittemore, Brian (2005) Cambodia Daigyakusastu wa Sabekeruka - Khmer Rouge Kokusai Houtei heno Michi. Tokyo: Gendai Jinbun-sha.

Heder, Steve (2004) Cambodian Communism and the Vietnamese Model. Volume 1. Imitation and Independence, 1930-1975. Bangkok, Thailand: White Lotus Press.

Heder, Steve and Tittemore, B. (2004) Seven Candidates for Prosecution: Accountability for the Crimes of the Khmer Rouge. Phnom Penh: Documentation Center of Cambodia.

Heder, Stephen (2003) Cambodian Communism and the Vietnamese Model: Imitation and Independence, 1930-1975. White Lotus (Thailand).


Heder, Stephen (1997) 'Racism, Marxism, labelling and genocide in Ben Kievnan''s the Pol Pot Regime'. South East Asia Research, (5 no 2), pp 101-153.

Book Chapters

Heder, Steve (2007) 'Political Theatre in the 2003 Cambodian Elections. State, Democracy and Conciliation in Historical Perspective'. In: Strauss, Julia and Cruise O'Brien, D. B., (eds.), Staging Politics. Power and Performance in Asia and Africa. Richmond: I.B. Tauris, pp 151-172.

Heder, Steve (2005) 'Reassessing the Role of Senior Leaders and Local Officials in Democratic Kampuchea Crimes: Cambodian Accountability in Comparative Perspective'. In: Ramji, J. and van Schaack, B., (eds.), Bringing the Khmer Rouge to Justice. Prosecuting Mass Violence before the Cambodian Courts.. Lewiston, N.Y: The Edwin Mellen Press, pp 377-423.

Heder, Stephen (2003) 'Cambodia (1990-98): The Regime Didn't Change'. In: Gough, R, (ed.), Regime Change: It's Been Done Before. London: Policy Exchange (UK), pp 66-75.

Heder, Stephen (2002) 'Hun Sen and Genocide Trials in Cambodia: International Impacts, Impunity, and Justice'. In: Ledgerwood, Judy, (ed.), Cambodia Emerges from the Past: Eight Essays. DeKalb, Ill.: Northern Illinois University Press (US), pp pp.176-223.

Heder, Stephen (2002) 'Cambodian Elections in Historical Perspective'. In: Vijghen, J, (ed.), People and the 1998 National Elections in Cambodia: Their Voices, Roles and Impact on Democracy. Experts for Community Research (Cambodia), pp 1-5.

Heder, Stephen (2001) 'Dealing With Crimes Against Humanity: Illusion or Progress?'. Southeast Asian Affairs 2001. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp 129-141.

Heder, Stephen (2001) 'Class, Nation and Race in Communist Crimes Against Humanity: Theoretical and Historical Reflections on Marxist Racism and Violence'. In: Kiminyi, A and Scott, O, (eds.), Anatomy of Genocide: State-Sponsored Mass-Killings in the Twentieth Century. Mellen Press (USA), pp 129-186.

Heder, Stephen (1996) 'The Resumption of Armed Struggle by the Party of Democratic Kampuchea'. In: Heder, Stephen and Ledgerwood, Judy, (eds.), Propaganda, Politics and Violence in Cambodia: Democratic Transition Under United Nations Peace-Keeping. New York: M E Sharpe, pp 73-113.


Heder, Stephen (2005) '"Assessment of Probative Documents Relevent to Prosecution of Senior Leaders and Others Most Responsible for 'Khmer Rouge' Crimes"'.

Heder, Stephen (2005) '"Appliciability of Command and Individual Responsibility and Joint Criminal Enterprise Doctrine to Senior Leaders and Others Most Responsible 'Khmer Rouge' Crimes"'.

Heder, Stephen (2005) '"Chain of Command Responsibility for the Murder of Christopher Howes: Perpatrators and Witnesses"'.

Heder, Stephen (2004) '"Legal Analysis of Testimonies Gathered by the Documentation Centre of Cambodia, With Summary Translations"'.

Heder, Stephen (2003) '"The 2003 El;ections in Kampung Cham: Monitoring Report"'.


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