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Nadje Al-Ali
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Professor Nadje Al-Ali
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Professor Nadje Al Ali's Inaugural Lecture: On Not Travelling Lightly: Transnational feminist journeys to and from the Middle East


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Aida Al Kaisy, A comparative study of the production practices of the mass media of a country in conflict, Iraq.
  • Ayse Arslan, Low-Paid Industrial Workers in the Garment Industry, Un-Paid House-Workers in the Family: Women Workers in Turkey/Izmir
  • Haje Keli, An analysis of the gender-based violence in Iraqi Kurdistan – state, society and family violence [working title]
  • Haya Al -Noaimi, ‘The Protectors of Our Nation’: Discourses of Protection and the Construction of Masculinities in the Qatari and Emirati Militaries
  • Isabel Käser , Militant Femininity: The PKK-led Women's Movement in the Kurdish Middle East – A Transnational Analysis
  • Jana Cattien, The dialectics of universality and particularity in contemporary 'western' liberalism; or: liberalism's 'cultural' turn? (working title)
  • Magdalena Suerbaum, Mosaics of masculinity - Gendering the experience of male Syrian refugees in Egypt
  • Michelle Lokot, Unraveling humanitarian narratives: Syrian gender norms in contestation
  • S. Paniz Musawi Natanzi, Visual Art Production in War: A Feminist Geopolitical Analysis of Self-reflective Masculinities in Art-Producing Spaces in West Kabul, Afghanistan from 2014-2018



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Authored Books

Al-Ali, Nadje and Pratt, Nicola (2009) What kind of Liberation? Women and the Occupation in Iraq. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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Edited Books or Journals

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Monographs and Working Papers

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