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Anna Lindley

MA (Leeds); DPhil (Oxon)
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Anna Lindley
Department of Development Studies

Senior Lecturer in Migration, Mobility and Development

Migration, Mobility and Development Research Cluster

Research Cluster Member

Violence, Peace and Development Research Cluster

Research Cluster Member

Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


Dr Anna Lindley
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Anna has a doctorate in Development Studies from Oxford University and a Masters from Leeds University. Prior to joining SOAS, she worked as a researcher for the Refugee Studies Centre and the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford University. Her research focuses on global migration and displacement dynamics, politics and experiences.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alexander Ray, Rethinking the Local–international Dichotomy in Relation to Refugee Protection and Assistance: The Politics of Practice in Managing South Sudanese Displacement (working title)
  • Femi Bolaji, How Does Diaspora Finance Shape Infrastructure Development in Nigeria?
  • Hassan Ould Moctar, EU Border Externalisation and the Social Conditions of 'Deportability' in Mauritania
  • Iris Lim, Experiencing the Digital Governance Immigration: a Qualitative Comparison of London and Seoul

PhD Research Students Supervised: 

Viki Zaphiriou-Zarifi Life at the Margins: Migrant Women in 'Crisis' Greece

Iris Lim, E-governing Migration: Exploring experiences of the digital governance
of migration in South Korea and the UK (Korea Foundation Graduate Studies


My research focuses on global migration dynamics, politics and experiences. I have particular experience working on displacement & refugee issues, transnationalism & remittances, and Somali mobilities. My current work explores immigration politics and policy, the situation of precarious migrants and pro-migrant civic mobilization.

  • Access to Justice in Immigration Detention, research commissioned by the Bar Council, Aug-Oct 2017: research report, short video
  •  Building bridges: voluntary sector engagements with immigration detention, British Academy/Leverhulme. Small Grants Scheme, 2015-16
  •  Policy responses to protracted displacement (Somali displacement case study), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,2011
  •  Conflict-related mobility in the Somali territories (part of the Micro Level Analysis of Violent Conflict Consortium),European Commission, 2008-09.
  •  Refugees and Remittances, 2007-08, Economic and Social Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2007-08.


Authored Books

Lindley, Anna (2010) The Early Morning Phone Call: Somali Refugees' Remittances. New York: Berghahn Books.


Lindley, Anna (2013) 'Displacement in contested places: governance, movement and settlement in the Somali territories'. Journal of Eastern African Studies, (7) 2, pp 291-313.

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Lindley, Anna (2009) 'The North-South Divide in Everyday Life: Somali Londoners Sending Money “Home”'. Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies.

Lindley, Anna (2009) 'Between dirty money and development capital: Somali money transfer infrastructure under global scrutiny'. African Affairs, (108) 433.

Lindley, Anna (2009) 'The early morning phonecall: remittances from a refugee diaspora perspective'. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, (35) 8, pp 1315-1334.

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Lindley, Anna and Pieke, F. and Van Hear, N. (2007) 'Beyond control? The mechanics and dynamics of ‘informal’ remittances between Europe and Africa'. Global networks: a journal of transnational affairs, (7) 3, pp 348-366.

Lindley, Anna (2006) 'Migration and Financial Transfers: UK-Somalia'. Refuge, (23) 2, pp 20-27.

Edited Books or Journals

Lindley, Anna, (ed.), (2014) Crisis and Migration: Critical Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Book Chapters

Lindley, Anna (2014) 'Crisis and migration: concepts and issues'. In: Lindley, Anna, (ed.), Crisis and Migration: Critical Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Lindley, Anna and Hammond, L. (2014) 'Histories and contemporary challenges of crisis and mobility in Somalia'. In: Lindley, Anna, (ed.), Crisis and Migration: Critical Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Lindley, Anna (2014) 'Environmental Processes, Political Conflict and Migration: A Somali Case Study'. In: Martin, S. and Weerasinghe, S. and Taylor, A., (eds.), Humanitarian Crises and Migration: Causes, Consequences and Responses. London: Routledge.

Lindley, Anna (2013) 'Diaspora and Transnational Perspectives on Remittances'. In: Quayson, A. and Daswani, G., (eds.), Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism. Oxford: Blackwell, pp 316-329.

Lindley, Anna (2011) 'Remittances'. In: Betts, A., (ed.), Global Migration Governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lindley, Anna and Vollmer, B. (2009) 'Migration, Globalisation and Security'. In: Fagen, H. and Munck, R., (eds.), Globalisation and Security: An Encyclopedia. Westport, CT: Praeger Press.

Monographs and Working Papers

Lindley, Anna (2017) Injustice in Immigration Detention. Report commissioned by the Bar Council of England and Wales.

Lindley, Anna (2009) Leaving Mogadishu: The War on Terror and Displacement Dynamics in the Somali Regions. MICROCON Working Pape. [Unpublished]

Lindley, Anna (2008) Conflict-induced migration and remittances: exploring conceptual frameworks. Refugee Studies Centre Working Paper No.47. Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Lindley, Anna (2007) Remittances in fragile settings: a Somali case study. No. 27. Households in Conflict Network, Sussex University.

Lindley, Anna and Van Hear, N. (2007) New Europeans on the Move: A preliminary review of the onward migration of refugees within the European Union. No. 57. Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford.

Lindley, Anna (2007) Protracted displacement and remittances: the view from Eastleigh, Nairobi. New Issues in Refugee Research Working Paper No. 143. Geneva: UNHCR. UNHCR.

Book Reviews

Lindley, Anna (2016) 'Review of: 'Humane and Dignified? Migrants’ Experiences of Living in a ‘State of Deportability’ in Sweden''. E-International Relations Online.

Lindley, Anna (2016) 'Review of 'Making Refuge: Somali Bantu Refugees and Lewiston, Maine' by Catherine Besteman. Duke University Press, 2016.'. Journal of Anthropological Research. [Forthcoming]

Lindley, Anna (2012) 'Review of 'Development and the African Diaspora''. Africa, (82) 2, pp 321-323.

Lindley, Anna (2011) 'Review of 'Understanding the Somalia Conflagration: Identity, Political Islam and Peace Building''. African Affairs, (110) 44, pp 514-515.

Lindley, Anna (2006) 'Review of 'Researching Conflict in Africa: Insights and Experiences' Edited by Elisabeth Porter, Gillian Robinson, Marie Smyth, Albrecht Schnabel and Eghosa Osaghae'. Journal of Refugee Studies, (19) 2, pp 260-262.

Lindley, Anna (2004) 'Review of 'Human Security Now: Protecting and Empowering People' by the Commission on Human Security'. Journal of Refugee Studies, (17) 2, pp 244-246.

Lindley, Anna (2004) 'Review of 'Somalia: Economy Without State''. Journal of Refugee Studies, (17) 4, pp 484-486.


Lindley, Anna (2017) 'Injustice in immigration detention 2017'.


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Lindley, Anna (2007) 'Getting a Fair Deal? Consumer Issues with Remittance Services'.


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