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Dr Amrita Shodhan

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Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

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SOAS South Asia Institute

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Dr Amrita Shodhan
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Modules Taught

2009-2011 – Histories of Partitions – India/Palestine 1947/1948

2009-2010 – Problems in the study of Modern South Asia – MA module

2009-2010- Introduction to the History of South Asia

2011- present – Histories of Partition India/Pakistan 1947

2011-2012 – Culture and Identity in Modern South Asia

2012 – 2013/16 – Gandhi and Gandhism


Nineteenth century transformations in western India, gender, caste and community in law and governance, histories of partition India/Palestine.


Authored Books

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Shodhan, Amrita (2003) Itihas lekhanman nari ane nari itihas [Gender in History and the History of Gender]. Mumbai, India: R R Sheth & Co..

Shodhan, Amrita (2001) A Question of Community: Religious Groups and Colonial Law. Kolkata: Samya.


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Shodhan, Amrita (2015) 'The East India Company’s Conquest of Assam, India, and “Community” Justice: Panchayats/Mels in Translation'. Asian Journal of Law and Society, (2) 2, pp 357-377.

Shodhan, Amrita (2015) 'The Sidi Badshah of Western India: The Politics of Naming'. Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage (JADAH), (4) 1, pp 34-49.


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