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Dr Candide Simard

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Candide Simard
Department of Linguistics, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Candide Simard
Email address:
21/22 Russell Square
Office No:
T401, 21/22 Russell Square
Academic Support Hours:
Wednesdays 12noon-1pm


I first joined SOAS in 2003–04 as a student in the MA in Language Documentation and Description. I then enrolled for a PhD at the Université Paris 7 on the prosody of Jaminjung, an endangered language of the Victoria River District in the Northern Territory of Australia, as part of a larger documentation project led by Prof. Eva Schulze-Berndt. I moved to Manchester University and was awarded a PhD in 2010. I have now joined SOAS again as senior teaching fellow and post-doctoral researcher.



My research interests are in prosody and in Australian and in Oceanic languages. I am also interested in language contact and information structure. I am particularly interested in developing ways to better integrate the prosodic phenomena of endangered or under-described languages in linguistic descriptions. I am now a post-doctoral researcher with the DOBES funded project ‘Discourse and prosody across language family boundaries: two corpus-based case studies on contact-induced syntactic and prosodic convergence in the encoding of information structure’.


Authored Books

Marchant Jones, Judy and Bardbariya, Dolly and Raymond, Eileen and Roberts, Doris and McDonald, Duncan and McDonald, Dinah and McDonald, Margaret and Simard, Candide and Moerkerken, Colleen and Wightman, Glenn (2011) Jaminjung, Ngaliwurru and Nungali plants and animals: Aboriginal flora and fauna knowledge from the Bradshaw and Judbarra/Gregory National Park area, north Australia. Darwin: Dept. of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport & Diwurruwurru-Jaru Aboriginal Corporation.


Simard, Candide and Wegener, Claudia (2017) 'Fronted NPs in a verb-initial language – clause-internal or external? Prosodic cues to the rescue!'. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, (2) 1;51, pp 1-32.

Simard, Candide and Wegener, Claudia and Lee, Albert and Chiu, Faith and Youngberg, Connor (2014) 'Savosavo word stress: A quantitative analysis'. Proceedings of the 7th International conference on Speech Prosody, pp 512-514.

Simard, Candide (2013) 'Prosodic encoding of declarative, interrogative and imperative sentences in Jaminjung, a language of Australia'. INTERSPEECH 2013, 14th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association.

Simard, Candide (2013) 'Prosody and function of “iconic lengthening” in Jaminjung'. SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics, (16).

Schultze-Berndt, Eva and Simard, Candide (2012) 'Constraints on noun phrase discontinuity in an Australian language: The role of prosody and information structure'. Linguistics, (50) 5, pp 1015-1058.

Book Chapters

Simard, Candide and Schultze-Berndt, Eva (2011) 'Documentary linguistics and prosodic evidence for the syntax of spoken language'. In: Haig, Geoffrey and Nau, Nicole and Schnell, Stefan and Wegener, Claudia, (eds.), Documenting Endangered Languages: achievements and challenges. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, pp 151-176.

Conference Items

Simard, Candide (2015) 'On being First' In: Workshop on Information Structure in Spoken Language Corpora (ISSLaC2), 2-4 December 2015, CNRS, Paris, France.

Simard, Candide and Schultze-Berndt, Eva (2015) 'On the topic of insubordinate clauses' In: 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, 2nd - 5th September 2015, Leiden, Netherlands. [Unpublished]

Simard, Candide and Schultze-Berndt, Eva (2015) 'Topics: what does prosody have to say?' In: Information structure in Endangered Languages, 8-9 May 2015, SOAS. [Unpublished]

Wegener, Claudia and Simard, Candide (2015) 'Information structure in Gela: with special attention to word order variation' In: Information structure in Endangered Languages, 8-9 May 2015, SOAS. [Unpublished]

Simard, Candide (2015) 'Prosody in linguistic description: making sense of TOPICS in Ngarinyman' In: Guest Lecture, 22 January, 2015, University of Dusseldof. [Unpublished]

Simard, Candide (2014) 'Language(s) in Context' In: Plants.Animals.Words, 3rd - 5th October 2014, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. [Unpublished]

Simard, Candide and Chiu, Faith and Schultze-Berndt, Eva (2014) 'A study of the prosodic encoding of TOPICS as a category of information structure in Ngarinyman, a language of Australia' In: Labphon 2014, 24-28 July 2104, Tokyo, Japan. [Unpublished]

Simard, Candide (2013) 'Another look at right-detached NPs' In: Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 4 Conference (LDLT4), 7th - 8th December 2013, London, United Kingdom.

Schultze-Berndt, Eva and Wegener, Claudia and Simard, Candide (2013) 'The expression of argument focus in Ngarinyman, Jaminjung, Savosavo and Gela' In: Workshop on Information Structure in Spoken Language Corpora (ISSLaC), 10-12 June 2013, University of Bielefeld, Germany. [Unpublished]


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