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Miss Stella Wambugu

BSc (Nairobi) MSc (Nairobi)
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Miss Stella Wambugu
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Agriculture and Health in Low Income Countries - Investigating Farm Household and Wider Interactions in sub Saharan Africa (working title)
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Year of Entry 2012

PhD Research

Smallholder farm households in poor rural economies are the locus of critically important agriculture – health linkages. In these systems agriculture and health are linked within households through labour, nutrition, capital, and agricultural production and market risk interact with occupational and other health risk in the household economy. These linkages extend outside households through interactions with markets and wider economic processes and have major effects on household members’ welfare and poverty and food security status, on children’s growth and development, and on wider processes of economic and social development. Empirical investigation of these linkages has, however, been limited, apart from documentation of health shocks’ importance in pushing households into poverty. The main objective of the study is to extend and improve the scope and quality of farm household models to investigate health/ agricultural linkages in rural livelihoods and economies. This investigation is critical for taking forward understanding of these linkages. Data is sourced from the World Bank’s Living Standard Measurement Study-Integrated Survey on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA) for Malawi, Uganda and/or Tanzania.


Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health


Rural Livelihoods, Food Security, Agricultural and Health Economics with focus on small scale African agriculture