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Nadir Cheema

BSc (London), MSc (Oxon), MSc (London)
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Nadir Cheema
Department of Economics

Teaching Fellow, Economics Department, SOAS

Mr Nadir Cheema
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Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HEA)


Economics Publications:

  1. Cheema N., (2015) Impact of Fiscal Adjustment on Growth in Transition Economies
  2. Cheema N., Mazranizouli I., et al. (2014). ‘The cost-effectiveness of supported employment for adults with autism in the United Kingdom.’ Autism
  3. Cheema N., Frangou S. and McCrone P. (2012). ‘The cost-effectiveness of ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid in the treatment of bipolar disorder’. Therapeutic Analysis in Advance Pharmapsychology
  4. Health Economics chapters of NICE (NHS) Guideline on Schizophrenia  (2013)
  5. Health Economics chapters of NICE (NHS) Guideline on Autims (2012)
Other Publications:
  1. CheemaN., (2016). "Pakistan's Global Image: Perception and Causes" Asian Affairs Journal
  2. Cheema N., (2015). ''Impediments to the Institutional Development of Pakistan's Foreign Office'' Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
  3. Cheema N., (2015). "Inefficiencies in Basmati Trade in Pakistan"
  4. Indian Civil Service (ICS) (article in Urdu).



Econometrics, Health Economics, Growth Theory and South Asian Politics.