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Lili Liu

BA International Politics (BLCU, Beijing) MSc Comparative Politics (LSE)
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Lili Liu
Department of Politics and International Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Miss Lili Liu
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Wednesdays 12:30 - 1:30
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Accommodating the Greening Participation: China's Local Environmental Governance
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PhD Research

This research examines the fundamental issue of how authoritarian regime accommodates itself with the citizen’s participation in policy making process by studying the green activities and authority's response in urban China. In authoritarian and transitional systems, the authority generally restricts citizen engagement to public sphere, although some have gradually loosed control over the emergence of civil society. But as we look at the actual data in China's environmental politics, there is a spectrum of ways environmental activisms organize, attitudes of local governments' response, and interactions between these two actors. The wide variation among the decentralized local governments challenges the authoritarian regime's primary targets of development and stability. What account for the variations? She conducted the fieldwork in three cities: Shenzhen, Kunming and Xiamen during 2014-2015. She found that embedded strength of the environmental activists and the degree of autonomy and adaptation of local state may explain the differences.


  • "Accommodating the Greening Participation: China's Local Environmental Governance", 111th American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA. September, 2015.
  • "State and Youth Social Advocacy in Contemporary China", European Associations of Chinese Studies (EACS) 20th Conference, Coimbra, Portugal. July 2014


She is the member of American Political Science Association (APSA), the member of European Associations of Chinese Studies (EACS)



Environmental politics; China Politics; Political Participation; Democracy and Democratization; Taiwan politics