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Fiorella N. Picchioni

BA (Pavia) MSc (Florence)
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Fiorella Picchioni
Fiorella N. Picchioni
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36 Gordon Square
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"Monitoring the effects of changing food prices on food security and nutrition – the Minimum Calorie Expenditure Share (MCES)"
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Elaine Ferguson (LSHTM)


Fiorella completed her BA in Cooperation and International Development (University of Pavia, Italy) and an MSc in Advanced Development Economics (University of Florence, Italy). After graduating, she worked for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN as junior market analyst. Her main research interests are food security and nutrition, seasonality and food prices.

PhD Research

The need for good metrics for and indicators of the effects of changes in food prices and incomes on food security and insecurity is widely recognised but the widespread reliance on food prices themselves as indicators of changing food security is deeply flawed. Simultaneously, reduction of malnutrition and food insecurity receives growing importance on the political agenda both at the national and international level. It is largely recognised that increases of basic food prices (especially cereals) lead to a significant reduction of quantity and quality of consumed food especially among the poorest, affecting several underlying factors of malnutrition. The overall aim of the project is to develop and extend the MCES and related metrics as measures of the impacts of food prices on food security and nutritional status of people in different income groups in different contexts and at different scales of analysis and aggregation.


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