Postgraduate loans

Postgraduate Loans

Non-means-tested loan

Postgraduate students with UK and EU residency taking a Master's or a Doctoral degree are eligible for a non-means-tested loan from Student Finance or SAAS. The loan will be a contribution towards the cost of study and can be used towards tuition fees, maintenance (living costs) or other course costs. You repay this loan once you have left university and are earning over the relevant income threshold.

The amount you can borrow varies depending on when your studies started, how long your degree is and where you live in the UK:

Postgraduate Master's Loans : For residents of England and Wales
Start of your degree One year full-time - maximum you can borrow Two year degree - maximum you can borrow each year
September 2018 £10,609 £5,304.50
September 2019 £10,906 £5,453
September 2020 £11,222 £5,611

At SOAS, for September 2020, the Postgraduate Master's Loans will be for:

  • MSc, MA, MMus, and LLM degrees (on campus not distance learning)
  • full-time or part-time over 2 years (not 3 years part-time)
  • part-time over 4 years (NB: 4 year part time LLM are not eligible for support)
  • up to £11,222 (up to £5,611 for each year of study on a 2-year degree)

At SOAS, for September 2020, the Postgraduate Doctoral Loans will be:

  • for Doctoral (MPhil / PhD) degrees (on campus not distance learning)
  • for full-time over 3 years or part-time over 6 years
  • up to £26,445 in total paid equally over each year of study

Distance learning students

If you are studying at SOAS by distance learning please visit the University of London (Worldwide) for further information on how to access a postgraduate loan. Alternatively, for specific Distance Learning funding options, see our postgraduate fees and funding

Eligibility for the postgraduate loan

Applicants for Postgraduate Loans should be:

  • UK nationals ordinarily resident in England or Wales*
  • EU nationals ordinarily resident in England or Wales or the EU
  • under 60 on 1 September preceding the start of the degree
  • enrolling on their first Master’s or PhD degree and not have an equivalent or a higher level qualification
  • commencing their Master’s degree after 1 August 2016
  • commencing their Doctoral (MPhil / PhD) degree after 1 August 2018

The applicant should have a valid National Insurance Number.

Full terms and conditions are available on the Student Finance website and eligibility is assessed by Student Finance.

*Residents of Scotland should apply directly to SAAS in the first instance. Please check the Student Finance website for information about Northern Ireland.

If you are eligible, please proceed to apply.

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