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Screening of "Island Nation" Episode 1: 長夜將盡 (Light at the End of the Tunnel) & Q&A with Director Isaac Wang and Producer Sylvia Feng

Director Isaac Wang & Sylvia Feng

Date: 10 July 2020Time: 10:00 AM

Finishes: 10 July 2020Time: 12:30 PM

Venue: Virtual Event

Type of Event: Summer School

Film Screening: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Q&A Session: 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM

Island Nation Episode 1 2020

As part of the 2020 SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School, we kindly ask that you register to attend.

As well as 7-day online viewing prior to the Q&A session, this film will be live-streamed. If you selected to view this film when filling out the registration form you will receive a link to access online viewing in early July.

This event will be held online through Blackboard Collaborate.

*Please be aware that all Summer School event times follow British Summer Time (BST)


The lifting of martial law in Taiwan in the late 1980s is followed by the death of the president, leading to a turbulent era as contenders scramble to fill the power vacuum. Taiwan sees an influx of progressive ideologies from abroad, induced by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Calls for freedom and democracy escalate with each passing day, and at the cusp of the National Assembly presidential election, student activist groups launch the Wild Lily Student Movement. Shortly thereafter, Li Qing-bo is successfully elected president, thus marking a turning point for democracy of Taiwan.

President Li's most concern is Chu Chang-qing, a man in possession of great military power. The oppressive Minister of National Defense is the leading force behind the pro-China factions with whom he is constantly at odds. His firm stance concerning the Chinese government will be the biggest obstacle to Li’s plans for the future. One false move could tip Taiwan past the point of no return and instigate a coup that will covert Taiwan back into a regime of military authoritarianism. Meanwhile, pro-China factions gather at Chu’s official residence to discuss how to keep Li Qing-bo’s administration in check. Li Qing-bo finally makes his decision to execute a dangerous gamble, and his trials have only just begun... A storm is coming. Just as a new era has begun, so ends a game between two lions squaring off for the kingship.


Director Wang Profile 2020

Born in 1970, Director Isaac Wang has loved watching movies since childhood, had gone astray as well as worked as a construction site labourer. Now the head of an imaging company, Wang's wide ranging creative work includes writing, photography and screenwriting. In recent years Wang's company has also undertaken documentary making, advertising and directing television programmes in addition to regular operations.

汪怡昕 1970年出生,從小很愛看電影,曾誤入歧途也曾做過板模工人. 現為影像公司負責人,創作範圍包括文字、攝影、編劇等,近年除公司營運外,也從事紀錄片、廣告、電視節目執導工作。

Sylvia Feng Profile

Sylvia Feng is a media specialist with over 35 years of experience in radio and television production and management. She was a leading advocate of Public Media in Taiwan and spearheaded efforts resulting in the passage of Taiwan’s Public Television Act in 1997. As senior manager, producer and president of Public TV, she pursued quality journalism, creative expressions and cultural diversity by initiating PTS daily news, documentary programs and bolder drama productions.

She also promoted rights of ethnic minorities and helped launch Indigenous TV and Hakka TV in Taiwan. Since her forced exit from Public TV in 2010 due to political interference, she has produced animated shorts on the internet and published articles on media policy. She is currently producing the first political drama series in Taiwan.

Ms. Feng also helped the DPP form its communications policy in 2012 & 2016, and was chief editor of President Tsai Ying-Wen’s Culture Policy Paper in 2016.

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