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Key to room numbers

Prefix Building Sample room number
MB Main College Buildings (incorporating the Old Building and the Philips Building) MB G50 = College Buildings, ground floor
MB 502 = College Buildings, fifth floor
B Brunei Gallery B102 = Brunei Gallery, first floor
F Faber Building, 23-24 Russell Square F104 = Faber Building, first floor
T 21-22 Russell Square T101 = 21-22 Russell Square, first floor
GS 53 Gordon Square GS303 = 53 Gordon Square, third floor
30RS or 28RS Birkbeck College, 30 or 28  Russell Square 30 RS 103 = 30 Russell Square Room 103, first floor
S Paul Webley Wing (Senate House North Block) SG27 = Paul Webley Wing, ground floor
IALS Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square IALS L101 = Institute of Advanced Legal Studies room L101

Where in the building?

B 1 02
Brunei Gallery First floor Room number 2

Please note that:

  • The main College buildings are made up of the 'Old Building' and the extension 'Philips Building'.
  • Rooms that start with a ‘G’ are on the ground floor of each building.
  • Rooms that start with an ‘L’ are on the lower ground floor of each building.
  • Rooms that are 'MB' with just a number are in the main College buildings on the floor indicated by the first digit (e.g. MB 389 is third floor).
  • KLT is the Khalili Lecture Theatre, on the lower ground floor of main College buildings, DLT is the (Kamran) Djam Lecture Theatre, accessed via the entrance hall of main College buildings. (S)ALT is the Alumni Lecture Theatre, (S)WLT is the Wolfson Lecture Theatre both in Paul Webley Wing.
  • 30 Russell Square and 28 Russell Square are buildings belonging to Birkbeck College which are sometimes used by SOAS for teaching.