Wifi at SOAS

Connecting to WiFi at SOAS

SOAS maintains an eduroam enabled wireless network available for use by its staff and students as well as visitors from other eduroam member institutions.

Staff and students of SOAS may configure their laptops and mobile devices by going to the eduroamCAT website (or scanning the QR code below and following the instructions there to get connected.

eduroam QR code

Note that your username must be appended with '@soas.ac.uk'. This means that if your username is '123456' your eduroam username must be specified as '123456@soas.ac.uk'. If you do not do this, you will be unable to connect!

When configured as well as getting Internet connectivity here, you will automatically connect when visiting other eduroam enabled institutions.

If you have problems connecting or need further assistance using eduroamCAT then please visit the 'IT Service Desk' located on the ground floor of the Library.


To use eduroam, you must come from an eduroam member institution, your device be already configured and have previously connected successfully to eduroam whilst at your 'home' institution. If this is the case, then your device should automatically connect to eduroam when you visit.

If you require assistance, or never had your device configured for eduroam, you should contact your own helpdesk for assistance; though you may find your institution already supported by eduroamCAT and be able setup your devices yourself.

Non-eduroam visitors

Provided, but not supported by SOAS, is the wireless network 'WiFi Guest' maintained by Sky WiFi and is free of charge to use.

Connecting your own device

You can connect your devices to Wi-Fi using the eduroam network, just select eduroam from the list of available networks on your device and login with your SOAS email and password. Some devices may require additional configuration:


  • EAP method: TTLS
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: N/A orDo Not Validate
  • Identity: your SOAS email
  • Anonymous identity: @soas.ac.uk
  • Password: your SOAS password

Apple Mac

When asked to authenticate certificate, you can select show certificate to view it. Click continue (may have to enter device password) to connect.


Certificate will appear, press trust in the top right hand corner to authenticate and connect.