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Dr Andrea Janku

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Department of History Senior Lecturer China Institute Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute
MA PhD (Heidelberg)
Russell Square: College Buildings
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+44 (0)20 7898 4636
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I studied Classical and Modern Sinology, Romance languages and literatures, and Sociology at the University of Heidelberg, and Chinese literature in Shanghai. The research for my PhD thesis on political editorials in the late nineteenth-century Shanghai press was part of a larger project on the Shanghai Chinese-language press in foreign possession and the transformation of the Chinese public sphere. Before joining SOAS I was an assistant professor in Classical Sinology at the University of Heidelberg. While my interests in the field of China’s social and intellectual history continue to be relatively broad, my own active research has moved to the history of disasters in the early modern period and environmental history more generally. I’m currently working on a monograph on the experience of famine in late Qing and early Republican China and pursuing a collaborative project on landscapes and environmental change.

Previous PhD Students

  • Jocelyn Chatterton, ‘Protestant medical missionary experience during the war in China, 1937-1945: the case of Hubei province,’ 2010.
  • António Barrento, ‘On the move: tourist culture in China, 1895-1949,’ 2012.
  • Lifeng Han, ‘Carnival politics: festival spectacle and ritual in Song China, 960-1279,’ 2012.
  • Fion So, ‘Navigating protectionism: Diederichsen, Jebsen & Company in German Qingdao and the world, 1898-1908,’ 2014.
  • Lin Jiao, 'Nation, fashion and women’s everyday lives : breast-binding in China, 1910s-1970s,' 2017.

PhD Supervision

Name Title
Ling-Chieh Chen War and Postal Communication in Republican China
Emily Dawes 19th Century Protestant Missionary Perceptions of Chinese Islam
Aixia Huang Before and Beyond Sexuality: Trans-femininity in Ming-Qing China
Che Huang Seeking Respect: On mid-Ming dynasty eunuchs-literati cooperation from the aspect of Regional Custodian
Mr Wonmook Kang The Qing Perspective of ‘Europeans’, 1644-1858
Dr Liu Yangruxin
Mr Junda Lu The State as the Celestial: Roots of Statism in Modern China, 1820-1893
Shan Siping Environment, Commerce and Imperial Politics in South-Eastern Mongolia (1644–1912)
Miss Meilin Zhou Japan in the Establishment of Public Health in China, 1901-1937


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