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Mr Barrie Nathan

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School of Law, Gender and Media Senior Teaching Fellow
LLB MA(London), Barrister
Paul Webley Wing (Senate House)
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Visiting Professor at Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, China.

Key publications

  • 2023 “Dickens and the Law” Amicus Curiae 4(2) pp. 515-522
  • 2022 Jeffrey Hill ‘The Practical Guide to Mooting’ (book review) Amicus Curiae 3(2) pp. 368-372
  • 2022 “Judges in the Dock” Amicus Curiae 4(1) pp. 185 -220
  • 2020 “Ain’t Misbehavin: Judicial Conduct and Misconduct” Amicus Curiae 2(1) pp.8-37
  • 2013 “Who Judges Who Judges? Judicial Appointments and Disappointments: A Comparative Study of Judicial Appointments with Particular Reference to England and Wales” The Journal of Comparative Law8(2) pp. 405-443 (King’s College. London used this article as part of a course on the Judiciary)
  • 2012 “In defence of the Primary Trust: Quistclose Revisited” Trusts and Trustees (OUP) 18 (2). pp. 123-131. (The Supreme Court of Malaysia has based a judgment on this article.)
  • 2012 “Judges on and off the Bench” The Journal of Comparative Law 7(2) pp. 307-333


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