Dr Candide Simard

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School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Research Associate
21/22 Russell Square
T401, 21/22 Russell Square
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I first joined SOAS in 2003–04 as a student in the MA in Language Documentation and Description. I then enrolled for a PhD at the Université Paris 7 on the prosody of Jaminjung, an endangered language of the Victoria River District in the Northern Territory of Australia, as part of a larger documentation project led by Prof. Eva Schulze-Berndt. I moved to Manchester University and was awarded a PhD in 2010. I have now joined SOAS again as senior teaching fellow and post-doctoral researcher.

Research interests

My research interests are in prosody and in Australian and in Oceanic languages. I am also interested in language contact and information structure. I am particularly interested in developing ways to better integrate the prosodic phenomena of endangered or under-described languages in linguistic descriptions. I am now a post-doctoral researcher with the DOBES funded project ‘Discourse and prosody across language family boundaries: two corpus-based case studies on contact-induced syntactic and prosodic convergence in the encoding of information structure’.


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