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Ebru Baser

Key information

Centre for Global Media and Communications PhD researcher
BA, MA and MSc
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Thesis title
Turkish Diasporic Children and Digital Media
Internal Supervisors
Professor Dina Matar


I have been well experienced since 2014 to manage high quality interaction in the academic environment and beyond.

Also, I have been holding two master’s degrees, which are MA (Akdeniz University) and MSc (Brunel University of London). In my first master, I did study with women from socially and economically disadvantaged group in Ankara. Also, I did assist my supervisor in his project, which is 1001 project of TUBITAK, No: 114k364 focusing on “TV Viewing among Conservatives in Turkey: Identity, Popular Taste and Boundaries funded by TUBITAK.

During this project, we designed an interview form for field research. Participant and non-participant observations, in-depth interviews and surveys were conducted on several people in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and other cities. In my second master, I conducted a dissertation entitled “New Social Movements, Populism and Instagram: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Political Selfies of The Brexit Party on Instagram” through Critical Discourse Analysis of fifteen Instagram selfies posted on the Party’s Instagram webpage between 12 December 2019 and 1 February 2020.

After graduation from Brunel University of London, I was awarded for summer program named “Meeting Colombia through its cultural expression” in 2021. This summer school programme would include in introductory language classes in Spanish and series of sessions on Colombian society and culture. This programme ran over nine weeks in July, August, and September in 2021. It was mutually held by collaboration with Brunel University of London and Universidad del Rosario. Universidad del Rosario granted an attendance certificate at the end of the programme. In addition to my research activity, I did marketing.

Research interests

My research focuses on Turkish diasporic children, their digital media use and digital rights. My project attempts to discover how Turkish diasporic children use digital media and what meanings, understandings and perceptions children have.

Also, my research attempts to find out how digital skills are developed by children and how those skills can be measured in qualitative research. To be able to find answers the questions, I do conduct ethnographic research with children in London. 

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