Emad Eddien Hussein

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B.A, LL.B, LL.M (QMUL), Ph.D.(ISM), FCIArb
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Thesis title
A Critical Assessment of the Legal Framework of International Commercial Arbitration in the Onshore UAE (Towards Certainty and Modernity for an Arbitration- Friendly Jurisdiction)


Dr. Emad Hussein has over 20 years’ experience as a professional practitioner in international commercial arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), legal training and capacity building projects, in the UAE, Gulf States and the Middle East.

Dr. Emad is currently the Senior Advisor of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Arbitration Centre (OIC-AC). He is also the Founder and CEO of CMI Excellence whose core business is undertaking capacity building projects, providing legal consultations, legal translations and training.

As an independent arbitration practitioner, Dr. Emad has garnered extensive experience as the Chairman, Sole Arbitrator or Party-Appointed Arbitrator in various domestic and international commercial disputes. Dr. Emad is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb) and a dedicated committee member of the CIArb UAE branch. He is listed on the arbitrator rosters of leading arbitration institutions such as the ICC, DIAC, ADCCAC, DIFC-LCIA, CRCICA and Tahkeem.
As an independent mediation practitioner, Dr. Emad is an accredited mediator (CEDR) and is also listed on the panels of the Investor Dispute Settlement Center, GAFI.

Dr. Emad’s specialties include: International Commercial Arbitration, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law, Online Dispute Resolution, Construction Law & Practice, Real Estate Law and Practice, International Projects in Supply Chain Management, and Sales and Purchase Agreements.

Dr. Emad leverages his years of experience by training over 10,000 trainees in commercial arbitration, mediation, negotiation, legal drafting, leadership, strategy, and corporate excellence to empower and build young ADR and arbitration practitioners.

Dr. Emad Hussein is currently pursuing his second Ph.D in International Commercial Dispute Resolution with a focus on the critical assessment of the legal framework of the Onshore UAE arbitration regime. 

Research interests

  • International Commercial Arbitration 
  • Commercial Mediation 
  • Arbitral Institutions Capacity Building
  • Arbitration Seats
  • Arbitration Friendly Jurisdiction

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