22nd Jaina Studies Workshop: (Non-) Violence in Jaina Philosophy, Literature and Art

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1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Jaina Studies Workshop 2021: (Non-) Violence in Jaina Philosophy, Literature and Art


Launch of the Jaina-Prosopography Database will be at 1pm.

Time Description
1:00pm (GMT) Welcome
1:10pm (GMT) Launch of the Jaina-Prosopography Database
1:30pm (GMT) Saryu V. Doshi
Violence Depicted in Manuscripts of the Digambara Yaśodharacarita
1:55pm (GMT) Hampa (Hampana) Nagarajaiah
Pearls and Black Pepper
2:20pm (GMT) Fujinaga Sin
How to Avoid hiṃsā: Explained by Pūjyapāda
2:45pm (GMT) Tea Break
3:00pm (GMT) Himal Trikha
Eighty-four Lakh yonis: The Jaina Doctrine of 8.4 Million Embodiments
3:25pm (GMT) Simon Winant
Justifying Violence & Redistributing Blame: The Implications of Devaprabhasūri’s Narrative Choices in the Pāṇḍavacarita
3:50pm (GMT) Julie Alyssa Hanlon
(Non) Violence in Stone and Clay: A Consideration of Jain Lithic Inscriptions, Relief Images, and Ceramic Vessels
4:15pm (GMT) Tea Break
4:30pm (GMT) Brianne Donaldson
The Hunter, the Bow, and the Arrow: The Development of Intentional Harm as Kriyā in the Early Jaina Canon
4:55pm (GMT) Samaṇī Pratibhā Prajñā
Ahiṃsā Praśikṣaṇa: A Socio-Religious Initiative
5:20pm (GMT) Peter Flügel
The Non-Violence of Non-Violence
5:45pm (GMT) Final Remarks

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Organiser: Peter Flügel (SOAS Centre of Jaina Studies)

Contact email: Peter.Flugel@soas.ac.uk