BAY OF BLOOD (Documentary screening)

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5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
SOAS, University of London
R301, Main Building

About this event


A 95 min feature documentary on the Bangladesh Genocide


March 25th 1971, a horrific ‘Genocide’ was unleashed on the unarmed civilians of East Pakistan. This was done by their own Pakistani Army. An estimated 3 million people were killed, 10 million people were displaced to India as refugees and 400,000 women and girls were raped by the Pakistani soldiers.

But Pakistan was not alone in perpetrating this violence. The then-American president and the National Security Advisor were supporting the Pakistani dictator. The cold war triggered this geopolitical escalation. Finally, India pressurized by the 10 million refugees within its borders, went to war with Pakistan. and joining forces with the local rebels, the Mukti Bahini, helped liberate Bangladesh. Cradled in the blood of innocents, a new nation was born in the closing days of 1971. “Bay of Blood”, brings this 50-odd-year-old story to life.


Krishnendu Bose, after acquiring a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics in 1985, he set up Earthcare Productions, making films on wildlife conservation and environmental justice. Since then, has produced several international award-winning documentaries.

His   film, Tiger   the   Death   Chronicles   the conservation award in International Wildlife Festival in Montana USA. The Latent City, film on Public Art and the City, has been showcased in the Indian Panorama in 2009 and won the Grand Prix at Document. Art film Festival in Romania. Missing, his film on women and climate change, won the best director award at the Casselle film festival, Italy in 2014. He is the recipient of the CMS-UNEP Prithvi Ratna Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.His film The Tiger Who Crossed the Line, was premiered on Discovery Channel in 2017 and received the National Award for the best environment film in 2017. He was also invited to the UN for a talk on “Conservation in India” to an invited audience of 45 heads of States and Diplomats, in 2018.In 2019, his produced and directed, 6-partseries Heroes of the Wild Frontiers, was premiered on Discovery Channel, India and is distributed worldwide. Krishnendu also directed and produced his first short fiction in 2022-Shadows in the Dark and finished producing and directing a feature length documentary on the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh-Bay of Blood in 2023