A Brief Look into T&I Education in South Korea

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5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Online Seminar

About this event

SOAS CTS Global Seminar Series 2022-23

Speaker: Prof. Won Jun NAM (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea)

This is a free event hosted by SOAS CTS. Please register and we will send you the link to the Zoom meeting by 2 December.


In this talk, we will take a short trip through the landscape of T&I education in South Korea. We will begin from the past and move on to the present; and then share thoughts about what comes next. Particularly, the talk will focus on how T&I education has been institutionalized at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Recent research trends will be presented related to PhD programs; and issues surrounding T&I education programs will be discussed related to MA and BA programs. The last part of the talk will cover some issues related to career landscapes and some thoughts on what lies ahead. I hope the talk proves to be of assistance to those interested in T&I education in South Korea.

About the speaker

Won Jun NAM is professor at Department of English for International Conferences & Communication (EICC), College of English, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). He majored in Korean-English T&I (MA) and translation studies (PhD) at the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation (GSIT) at HUFS, Seoul, South Korea. With Prof. Yeon-il Jeong (the leading translator), he co-translated into Korean the first edition of Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and applications by Jeremy Munday and Can Theory Help Translators?: A dialogue between the ivory tower and the wordface by Andrew Chesterman and Emma Wagner. His main research interests are translator education, application of translation theory to practice and others.