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6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
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As a pioneering grime DJ, head of the Butterz label, music manager and promoter and SOAS Community Fellow, Elijah has had a long and successful career in electronic music - and now he wants to demystify the music industry for the next generation. Continuing the role as mentor and guide he has established through his hugely influential yellow square project on Instagram and Twitter, Elijah comes to SOAS to share what he has learned and inspire the next generation of music makers and creatives in this guest lecture. 

Elijah says:

"For my entire adult life, I've been working in and around electronic music culture, starting out as a DJ, then co-founding and running the Butterz label, and later becoming a manager for Flava D, Royal-T, DJ Q & Swindle. Throughout my career, I've always been vocal about my learnings in this industry, but in 2021, after working with Youth Music on a grant programme called the NextGen Fund, which supports young people and their music projects, I began seriously considering ways to pass on my knowledge to emerging creatives."