Film Screening of Documentary - 福爾摩沙對福爾摩沙 (Formosa vs. Formosa) and Q&A with Director Ke Chin-Yuan (柯金源)

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3:30 PM to 5:15 PM
Russell Square: College Buildings

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Ke Chin-Yuan (柯金源)
Film (1 hour)
Q&A via video link (45 minutes)
This screening will be followed by a reception from 17:15-18:30 in which refreshments and light snacks will be served


When economic development meets with the environment, a clash of interests is inevitable. Ethically, one naturally gravitates towards preserving the environment, however, with politics and financial gain, coupled with the unrelenting desires of man, ultimately, the environment is sacrificed over the craving for riches, and of course, the losers are always the weak and vulnerable common people. In the end, who will take responsibility to impartially step forward and with the spirit of justice choose the path forward?

Over the last 70 years, Formosa Plastics Group has gradually advanced its petrochemical and other related industries to the four corners of the earth, with products and services extending into near on each and every stage of our lives, and revenue exceeding $70 million. The sheer scale and impact of Formosa Plastics Group has surpassed that of any other Taiwanese enterprise, and consequently, brought an ever-increasing number of people to use the yardstick of industrial responsibility to the environment as a gage to examine Taiwan’s biggest petrochemical conglomerate.

In addition to Formosa Plastics Group’s arrogant display of its herculean profit earning might, the average person wishes to understand what other hidden costs and problems are being overlooked, like greenhouse gas emissions, risks to health, work safety incidents as well as acquisition of land and water resources. Formosa vs. Formosa contrasts major happenings in relation to Formosa Plastics Group over the last 70 years with that of the fundamental change in the peoples’ fight for an independent voice and the power to choose. The documentary reveals to us the stories of victims whose surrounding environment has been destroyed and face a relentless fight for fair treatment - stories that are mimicked the length and breadth of the country. Ultimately, what indeed becomes of Taiwan in the future is left for each and every one of us to decide.

Director Bio

A selfless, forward-looking documentarian’s long and silent protest for Taiwan’s environment.  Ke Chin-Yuan has been a guardian of Taiwan's environment and ecosystems for countless years, using his own way to answer the question: “What is the spirit of documentary filmmaking?” He understands how to work with one foot in public institutions, thereby utilizing public resources and exposing the things that the country endeavor to cover up at all costs. In Formosa vs. Formosa and his other films, he recognizes the importance of maintaining a critical attitude to prevent any elements that may possibly breach his code of neutrality.

Ke was born in a remote region in Changhwa County, Taiwan, and began filmmaking in 1980, adopting fieldwork style where he produced a continuous record of Taiwan’s natural landscapes, including environmental changes and pollution incidents. In 1998, after entering the News Department at Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS), he became a full-time photojournalist, producing films on a range of issues, from coastal damage, forest conservation, to environmental hazards, as well as other news features. In total, he has accumulated over 25 documentaries, 400 in-depth video coverages, and 200,000 images on Taiwan’s geological terrain over the past 30 years. His work has earned him finalist nominations and first prizes at more than 70 major film awards both home and abroad. His incredible ability to inspire the audience with touching images and deeply penetrating content make his work a model for Taiwan’s environmental documentary scene.

Organiser: Centre of Taiwan Studies

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