Legacy of the British Mandate in Palestine Workshop

Key information

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

About this event

This workshop hopes to bring together emerging researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to examine the question of British “legacy” in Palestine/Israel to better understand the relationship between the Mandate and today.

To do this, we will encapsulate “the British Mandate in Palestine” as a reified concept, a discursive and/or material symbol, and focus on its creation, transit and reception today. On the one hand, we want to explore the mindset of colonial officials, the imagination of their presence in the region, and their conscious or unconscious construction of a British legacy in Palestine.

On the other, we look at the reception of this legacy by all engaged parties. How is this legacy understood by Palestinians living under an ongoing settler-colonial regime? How has it been regarded by Israelis over the years since 1948? And how does the British state and its citizens engage or fail to engage with its legacy today?


There are limited places available so please RSVP to britishlegacyinpalestine@gmail.com to help us organise numbers and catering. We will send further details in reply.

Organiser: Julio Moreno Cirujano and Bethany Elce in association with the Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS.