Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle - author talk with Hanh Tat

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12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
SOAS Library

About this event

After facing adversity with the breakdown of her marriage, Hanh Tat ventured on a quest to heal her broken heart which turned into an expedition of knowledge-seeking and self-discovery.

Three years on that journey culminated in the creation of her first self-published book, Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle, in which she shares how the power of love and forgiveness enabled her to transform personal adversity into personal strength and inner growth. In both the book and this talk, she aims to inspire others to realise, through the power of love, how much agency we all have over our own thoughts and emotions and hence our lives.

About the speaker

Of Chinese ethnicity and born in Vietnam, Hanh Tat came to the UK as a refugee at the age of four and grew up in Sheffield before moving away for university. She made London her home following graduation, where she still lives with her two sons, a 10-minute walk from their dad’s home.

In the summer of 2023, after 26 rewarding years working in IT, she decided that it was time to try a different flavour of life, leaving her corporate job in order to go on new adventures and see where life takes her.