Objects of Instruction: Treasures of SOAS

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10:30 am to 5:00 pm
Brunei Gallery
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The permanent display of Objects of Instruction: Treasures of SOAS in the new Foyle Special Collections Gallery of the Brunei Gallery, SOAS is an important project aimed at publicising the School's remarkably rich but little known collections. For the first time presented in the Foyle Special Collections Gallery is a broad range of interesting and beautiful objects from across Asia and Africa that are at present known only to a few specialists.

Among this wealth of material are illustrated Islamic manuscripts, including a luxurious Mughal copy of the Anvar-i Suhayli , a 16th century book of animal fables; Chinese and Japanese paintings and prints; varied ceramic objects from the Middle East and East Asia; decorative Buddhist manuscripts and sculptures from South-East Asia; contemporary African paintings and textiles; and important archaeological collections from East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. Many of these objects are true treasures whose display is long overdue. The content will be periodically rotated, which will ensure the vitality and continued appeal of the permanent display.

Following the launch exhibition the additional feature of a digitised Turning the Pages version of the Anvar-i Suhayli of its highlights has been installed in the gallery showing all of the illuminations for its stories with audio readings in English.

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Objects of Instruction will not only significantly enhance the image of the School as a unique institution with a strong involvement in the arts, but will also be of great interest and benefit to a broad range of groups. Foremost among these are students, for whom the exhibition and display will provide stimulating teaching aids as well as exciting opportunities for research. The wider community - in particular those whose cultures the artifacts represent - will benefit from the project. Objects of Instruction will thus be of considerable, far-reaching, and enduring importance, and will finally make known the richness and variety of the School's artistic and archival holdings.