Optimising High-performance and Personal Branding in the Legal Profession

Key information

6:00 pm

About this event

Join Baiju Vasani and Charlène Gisèle for an empowering fireside chat on ‘Optimising High-Performance And Personal Branding In The Legal Profession’, where Charlène will share insights from her journey - from practising law to coaching leading law firms and legal professionals.

The talk will cover:

  • Maintaining Well-Being in the Legal World: Strategies to stay at the top of your game without succumbing to burnout.

  • Recognising and Preventing Burnout: Understanding the signs and taking effective preventative measures.
  • The Power of Personal Branding: How to build and maintain a personal brand that elevates your legal career inside your organization and the wider legal community.
  • Charlène’s Personal Journey: Insights into Charlène’s transition from Lawyer to Coach and the lessons she learned along the way.

This will be a powerful talk for those navigating the early stages of their legal career and will be packed with valuable takeaways.

About the speaker

Charlène Gisèle is a former Big Law litigator turned High-Performance Coach, award-winning Keynote Speaker and Burnout Advisor to leading organisations. Her unique coaching method has been acclaimed by major publications and successfully empowered high-achieving professionals worldwide in their journey to prevent and recover from Burnout.