Public Screening: Lost Black Cats - 35th Squadron

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7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Main Building, SOAS, University of London
Khalili Lecture Theatre (KLT)

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Lost Black Cats - 35th Squadron

During Cold War, a secret mission whose existing chance is lower than Russian Roulette, 28 Black Cat team pilots’ life stories give out a topic without answers: Who is a real hero?

In the black cat team, 28 pilots participated the mission for 14 years, as seven passed away in training, and three passed away in the mission. Another two were shot down, captured then left home for more than 20 years. Maybe such a touching story is destined not to extinguish a long time. Director Jonathan Yang was trekking from Asia through America to Europe, racing with time. Having spent six years recalling the last remaining days of these officers, he writes out the atmosphere of that significant era from the telling of these old officers. The audience can see the most solid loyalty and the common instrument of that era from the light talk of these officers.

Forty-five years after the last mission of the Black cat team, the documentary speaks out for the era again. It gives us a tender and potent reminder. It reminds us not to forget the people who have guarded us. On a particular auditioning afternoon, The director said: This is the memoir I want to leave to the next generation.


Director: Jonathan Yang

Jonathan Yang had an established career producing pop music videos and advertisements before spending six years producing his debut documentary. He made a lot of music videos for famous Taiwanese singers in the twenty years. All his works reflect the changes of Taiwan's pop culture industry.

For his first documentary, his extensive research led to long-term relationships with the surviving pilot and turned to the depth of the story of the "Lost Black Cats 35th Squadron". This is Jonathan's most important work in the past six years, and his first attempt at documentary film. For director Yang, his almost 30 years of video production have also documented the rise and fall of Taiwan's commercial and entertainment markets.

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