Publishing and Technology (in Arabic with simultaneous translation into English)

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With Dr Fatma al-Boudi, Director of the Management Board of Dar AlAin Publishing

Dr Khalil al-Shaykh in conversation with Wen-chin Ouyang

Publishing & Technology was awarded to independent Egyptian publisher ElAin Publishing,

Acclaimed for their range of literary, academic, and non-fiction titles from all over the Arab world and for their focus on cultural and literary diversity. ElAin has published works by several established authors but is also committed to providing opportunities for young authors such as Tayeb Salih (Sudan), Khairy Shalaby (Egypt), Allal Bourqia (Morocco), and Ibrahim Farghali (Egypt).

EIAin Publishing (Egypt) is an independent publishing house that aims to provide knowledge to Arab readers in the fields of science, culture, and translation, with a special focus on quality. ElAin Publishing’s diverse publications cover several disciplines, including scientific culture – the area it began its journey in the publishing world with – as well as literature and literary studies, where the publisher has made significant strides by supporting the publication of high-value literary works and studies, not limiting itself to established authors, but also providing opportunities for creative youth.


Fatma Elboudy is the founder of ElAin Publishing, an independent publishing house established in 2000 to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge to Arab readers. Focusing mainly on the fields of science, general Arab culture, and translation, ElAin seeks to offer a selection of the best international works. The publisher has attracted a network of authors renowned for their talent and originality, with over 200 published titles, both in original language and in translation.

About Sheikh Zayed Book Award

2023 is another record-breaking year for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award. The annual prize received more than 3000 submissions from 60 countries this year, in a testament to its increasing importance and influence in the global network of Arabic literature and culture.

Known as the Arab World’s Nobel Prize, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award showcases outstanding contributions to Arabic literature, the humanities, science, and culture. The Award's nine prize categories, ranging from Children's Literature to Literary and Art Criticism, and its Translation Grant, moreover, showcase the dynamic fields of translation from and into Arabic, and of European and North American Arabic studies.

In its ambition to connect with wider academic audiences, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award is this year organising two events in September and October in collaboration with SOAS, University of London, famous for its commitment to and its reach in the global south. Professor Wen-chin Ouyang, with her connections in North America, Europe and East Asia, will host and moderate the events, bringing to this series an additional multilingual and cross-regional flare.

The two events this year will showcase the challenges of writing creatively and publishing in Arabic. Interlocutors and guests include the prize winners and invited scholars and cultural works from around the world. All events will be bilingual (Arabic/English) and online.