ReSIA: Video Games and the Work of Islamic Art History

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6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Online via Zoom

About this event

Speaker: Glaire Anderson

Video games have emerged as a powerful educational tool, one of the most significant ways in which the public engages with the past. Scholars recognise the educational value of games in making knowledge accessible and informing public perceptions of the past, yet games that present global histories and visual traditions are still relatively rare. In my seminar I will discuss ongoing research bringing together video games and Islamic art history in the “Digital Lab for Islamic Visual Culture & Collections”. As I hope to show, immersive game technologies are one of the most exciting tools available to researchers to visualise past objects and spaces. Moreover, they offer Islamic art historians a way to shape more inclusive and authentic perceptions of the past by making our research more accessible to audiences outside the academy.

The Research Seminar in Islamic Art (ReSIA) is convened by Professor Anna Contadini.


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