SOAS Festival of Social Science

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About this event

SOAS is participating in its first Festival of Social Science, the annual celebration of social science research that looks to engage audiences through a range of public events.

As part of this nationwide event, SOAS is running interactive workshops on two themes:

  • Lifelong wellbeing

  • Migration and marginalisation

Groups of 13-to-18-year-olds learning English as an Additional Language have been invited to explore engagement activities designed by SOAS academics, and participate in workshops run by our partners Springboard Youth Academy and Phosphoros Theatre.

The four different workshops are as follows.

From global to local: The importance of our shared humanity

Bringing to light the ways in which culture and wellbeing are two aspects of one’s life that are closely intertwined.

Mapping belonging

Exploring the theme of belonging and aiming to answer the questions "what does belonging mean to you", "where do you belong" and "why".

Objects on the move

The event is about the history of objects and exploring the context of their movement.

Zine making: Recipes for storytelling

Zines are self-published booklets that amplify the voices of those at the margins. This workshop explores how to tell stories through zine-making.

    The Impact Acceleration Account

    In March, SOAS successfully secured a major five-year investment from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the form of an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) focused on increasing the societal and economic benefits of SOAS’s social science research. This November, that success will be marked through the School’s participation in the Festival of Social Science.