Varieties of structural transformation

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5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
SOAS - University of London
RB 01 Main Building
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This seminar will host a discussion with Kunal Sen from UNU-WIDER about one of the key features of modern economic growth: the process of structural transformation, which is the movement of workers from agriculture to manufacturing and services.

In this study, the author identifies different routes to structural transformation in the developing world, addressing the theoretical, empirical and policy implications of the 'varieties of structural transformation' in low- and middle-income countries.

Firstly, using a comparable high-quality dataset, they set out the stylized facts of structural transformation across the developing world. Secondly, they assess the classical and neoclassical approaches to structural transformation and review the recent theoretical developments in the literature.

Thirdly, they undertake descriptive and econometric analysis of the drivers of structural transformation, and the relationship between structural transformation and inequality. Finally, they assess the policy implications of our study for developing countries."

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  • Kunal Sen (UNU-WIDER)

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Image by Wilsan U via Unsplash.