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Why give?

The Centre of Jaina Studies promotes the study of Jaina religion and culture by providing an interdisciplinary platform for academic research, teaching and publication.

Jaina Studies at SOAS aims to promote understanding of Jainism worldwide. Support is essential to ensure that the activities of the Centre continue. Without your support it would be impossible to sustain the range of its public activities and to make them freely available to a wider audience.

Gifts to the Centre of Jaina Studies General Support fund will be directed to (but not limited to) any of the areas below as per the area of greatest need at the discretion of the Centre Director.

Your donation enables the Centre to:

  • ensure that teaching in Prakrit remains part of SOAS and its research on Jainism
  • alleviate student hardship
  • student awards and prizes
  • research-associated travel by students and/or doctoral researchers
  • supplementing existing scholarships and bursaries

US-based donors

US-based donors can support important causes that help bring important educational opportunities to high-achieving students and to support the world-renowned academics as tax-efficient gifts.