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Dr Hannah Bennett

Key information

Department of Anthropology and Sociology Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Anthropology BA Programme Convenor, Project Coordinator- Mursi: Encountering the Other
BA (Oxford), MA (SOAS), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (SOAS)
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Hannah Bennett (she/her) is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Anthropology BA Programme Convenor, and the project coordinator for Mursi: Encountering the Other. 

She has a BA in History (Oxford), an MA in the History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia (SOAS) and an MPhil in Social Anthropology (Cambridge). She recently completed her ESRC-funded PhD in Social Anthropology at SOAS.




Key publications

Anthropology, China, Labour, Sport, Affect, Gender, Migration, Consumption, Leisure, Feminization, Professionalization, History, Art History

Research interests

Hannah Bennett's PhD explored gender, class, and professionalism among caddies working at golf courses in Southern China. For this research, she spent roughly three years in China, including intensive participant observation training with new intern recruits at a high-end golf course. 

Through the theoretical innovation of 'affective professionalism', her work breaks down and reconstitutes what it means to be a professional, and challenges current understandings about migrant labour and vocational education in China. She is very open to collaboration and discussion particularly around the topics of affective labour, feminization, professionalism, vocational education, migration, improvisation, and the anthropology of sport.


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