Japanese language proficiency test


In the UK the test is administered by the SOAS Japan Research Centre, Cardiff University, University of Edinburgh and University of Leicester on behalf of the Japan Foundation.

The JLPT is an internationally recognised qualification for non-native speakers, sponsored by the Japan Foundation. The highest level is N 1, and the lowest is N 5.

Please note that the SOAS Japan Research Centre does not offer a level check for candidates. Consult your teacher for advice. 

Exam Dates

JLPT takes place first Sundays of July and December every year.

Fees and payment

  • Fee: £100

You will be directed to make your payment once you have completed the online application form (Payment links will be available after you have completed the form).

No refund will be given (no transfer to another test can be made either) under any circumstances once payment has been accepted unless cancellation is made by the Japan Foundation, the Japan Education Exchanges and Services or the Japan Research Centre at SOAS University of London.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test guide

The test Guide is just for your information. Please note that there is no need to print out the form in the Guide and hand it in person. The application for JLPT in London is done only via online form.

JLPT Test Guide July 2024

PDF document, 9.25MB

Application Procedure

The SOAS JLPT venue only accepts online applications.

When application registration opens, you can find the online application form link on our website. Please apply using the link.

Please note, the application process differs for each institution.

Exam Format

It is entirely in “multiple questions - answers” format; where candidates’ kanji, vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening abilities are tested. There is no interview or oral paper.

The exact same test questions of every exam are not available. 

July 2024 test

We have closed the application form and waiting list for July 2024 test.


December 2024 test

We don't have any information regarding December 2024 test.

We will update more information here.


December 2023 test

Your results are available online.

Please note that you can view your result from January 22 at 10:00am (JST) to March 31 at 5:00pm (JST).

The SOAS JLPT team will start sending the certificates in March.

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