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Dr Manuel Garcia Dellacasa

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Department of Economics Lecturer in Economics MSc in Economic Policy Convenor
BA (Santiago de Chile), MA, PhD (Massachusetts)
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Manuel Garcia Dellacasa (He/Him) is a Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University of London.

His research addresses the economic challenges associated with the increasing urbanization of the developing world. This work fosters a dialogue between Urban Economics, Development Economics, Feminist Economics, Political Economy, and Microeconomics through a multi-method approach that includes quantitative and spatial analysis. Manuel’s latest publication on this topic, “Residential Segregation and Women’s Labor Force Participation”.

At SOAS and other higher-education institutions, Manuel has taught a diverse range of courses, including Urban Economics, Economic Development, Political Economy, Microeconomics, and Research Methods, among others. He is also deeply committed to demystifying economics and enhancing access to knowledge in the field. In pursuit of this goal, he has facilitated numerous "Popular Economics" workshops, enabling workers, activists, and other members of civil society to engage with economics through popular education methods.

Manuel has also served as an economic advisor for the Chilean government.

Research interests

  • Urban economics
  • Economic development
  • Feminist economics
  • Political economy
  • Economic policy


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