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Dr Marta Agosti Pinilla

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Marta Agosti in currently the Specialist on Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation for the UN mission in the occupied Palestinian territories. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from SOAS, University of London, where she is also a research associate.

Marta has worked with survivors of sexual violence since 2007, leading projects in Tunisia, Algeria and more deeply in Egypt from 2008 to 2016 where she was the coordinator of the Female Genital Mutilation UNICEF-UNFPA trust fund and where she also conducted her fieldwork for her PhD, which looked at civil society movements combatting sexual violence during the Egyptian Revolution.

Her research has focused on gender, body politics and citizenship, which resulted in her thesis ‘The Female Protestor: sexual violence and the making and unmaking of the state in Egypt post January 25, 2011’ in 2018. As a humanitarian and development practitioner, she has been working and researching in the region--Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, oPt and Sudan--since 2005.

With a BA in Humanities, Marta also holds an MRes and a master's degree in development.

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