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Dr Matt Birkinshaw

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Department of Anthropology and Sociology Research Fellow
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Key publications

  • Birkinshaw, M., Taraporevala, P. Social Media as E-governance: Digital Lives of Indian Municipal Bodies and Smart Cities. South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal (30). October 2023.  Online here
  • Birkinshaw, M. Grabbing Groundwater: Capture, Extraction and the Material Politics of a Fugitive Resource. Geoforum (136). September 2022.  Online here
  • Birkinshaw, M., Grieser, A., & Tan, J. How does community-managed infrastructure scale up from rural to urban? An example of co-production in community water projects in Northern Pakistan. Environment and Urbanization, (22), 2. September 2021.  Online here
  • Birkinshaw, M. Book review: Andrea Ballestero. 2019. A Future History of Water.  Progress in Development Studies, (22), 1. September 2021.  Online here
  • Birkinshaw, M. Water mafia politics and unruly informality in Delhi’s unauthorised colonies.  Jones, K, and Roberts, L, (eds.), Creative Approaches to Human-Water Relations, Routledge Earthscan, August 2018.  Online here
  • Birkinshaw, M. Politics, information and informal infrastructures in urban governance.  Economic and Political Weekly, Review of Urban Affairs, (51), 5, January 2016.  Online here

Research interests

South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh); urban governance and politics; technology, infrastructure and urban development; political ecologies of water (and land); informality, private sector participation and public sector reform.

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