Dr Michael Albert

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Lecturer in International Relations
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Thursdays 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Michael J. Albert is a lecturer in International Relations working at the intersection of IR and political theory, critical political economy, and the transdisciplinary study of socio-ecological systems. His current book project, titled Mapping and Navigating the Planetary Crisis Convergence, analyzes the convergence between ecological, political-economic, and energy crises in order to illuminate possibilities for world system transformation in the coming decades. He is also interested in counter-hegemonic movements – including degrowth, ecosocialism, solidarity economies, and peasant-based agroecology movements – and their potential for creating alternative political economies as the crises of global capitalism and the earth system intensify. His future work will investigate the problem of meaning and existential crises in an era of far-right populism and planetary breakdown.

Research interests

Marxist approaches to climate change and the Anthropocene, complexity theory, degrowth and post-growth economics, energy and food politics, emerging technological risks, community-led sustainability initiatives, post-capitalist futures.


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