Dr Marie Rodet receives funding for co-production of a mobile game against slavery and for ...

22 November 2021

Dr Marie Rodet, Reader in the History of Africa, has received a £120,932 research grant from UKRI to collaborate with Malian organisations Donkosira and Voice4Thought Academy (V4T) in the continuation of an AHRC-funded project through the Antislavery Knowledge Network, which used arts and humanities to fight against slavery in Mali.

This new project aims to continue to make the history of slavery better-known and raise awareness against descent-based slavery in Mali yet this time through the co-designing of a mobile game with young Malian villagers from Western and Central Mali, and make it ultimately a factor for peace.

This project targets mostly young generations, to develop their skills and knowledge of the history of internal slavery and of resistance against it. It will deepen their comprehension of Malian history, inspire and support them in the fight against descent-based slavery, for human rights and against discrimination, and thus change mentalities.

Dr Marie Rodet said : “With this project I'm thrilled to combine historical knowledge on slavery with new mobile technologies. By fighting against discrimination and for peace this mobile game can have a real societal impact in Mali today.”

This project involves equitable international collaboration with the creative and cultural sectors through its strong partnership with Donkosira and V4T Academy in Mali, as well as crucial knowledge transfer through its collaboration with Dutch Value Foundation specialised in digital humanities and online gaming and the Malian creative enterprise Kasart Media.

The project has a huge potential in both producing creative knowledge and awareness-raising media, and in increasing knowledge of historical context and young people's commitment to fight for social justice and peace.

The project will run from November 2021 - October 2022.

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