Medical anthropology students meet the start-up ecosystem

On Tuesday 22 November, Dr Orkideh Behrouzan, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Abhishek Mohanty from the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS organised an interaction at Health Foundry for students of the MA Medical Anthropology and Mental Health programme. Health Foundry is a community-driven, collaborative workspace for digital health and health tech.

Chris from Health Foundry, Melissa from SmartStart Health, and Freya from re;mind spoke about the start-up ecosystem in London and their own personal journeys as professionals, incubator managers, and founders. For the students in attendance, it was a forum to see how technology and society shape each other, how and why start-ups in healthcare come to do what they do, and what ways new tech ideas are supported. 

The interaction was part of a series to help students better understand how society, health, and technology intersect. Visit the course page to know more about the MA in Medical Anthropology and Mental Health programme.