SOAS announces third equitable partnership with university in Global South

SOAS University of London has unveiled a joint programme with Shiv Nadar University in India, introducing an equal-fees joint MA in Global Urban Sociology. 

Students enrolled in this programme will pay the same fee regardless of where they are from and the fee is half the international tuition fee typically charged at UK universities. 

Pictured above: SOAS Director Adam Habib stands with members of staff from Shiv Nadar University and SOAS University of London.

The joint master’s is a one-year programme and focusses on addressing the challenges posed by urbanisation through the lens of social sciences. It aims to override traditional hemispheric divides, offering students a unique opportunity to study in both the UK and India. 

SOAS partnerships with the Global South 

The new degree is part of SOAS's commitment to developing equitable partnerships with universities in the Global South. 

The collaboration with Shiv Nadar University is SOAS's third equitable partnership, following those launched with the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (PhD Applied Economics) and the National Law University of Delhi (MA / LLM Environmental Justice in South Asia). SOAS continues to pioneer collaborations that bridge expertise from the Global South and North. 

Removing barriers to education 

The dual university experience will allow students to immerse themselves in diverse perspectives and cultural contexts. The structure combines sociological training with research-led teaching, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas among students and faculties. 

Director of SOAS, Professor Adam Habib said: “Removing barriers to education to address the global issues we face is central to our mission at SOAS. But so is academic excellence. This new equitable partnership offers both a socially and educationally transformative pathway to education for students and academia globally." 

Upon successful completion of the MA in Global Urban Sociology, students will receive a joint MA from SOAS and Shiv Nadar University, symbolising the collaborative spirit of this groundbreaking initiative.