SOAS in the Media: 31 March - 6 April

7 April 2020

Items related to Asia

  • The Independent , European Business Review , Foreign Policy Magazine , NBC News and over 33 other global media outlets: Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institue comments on China's handling of the coronavirus narrative - 02 Apr
  • , Northern Ireland Business First : Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on future relations between China and the rest of the world post the coronavirus pandemic - 03 Apr
  • Continental News Show , News Yahoo : Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institue comments on China's attempts to encourage the use of herbal remedies to treat the coronavirus - 05 Apr
  • ThePrint , UC News : Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate at the SOAS South Asia Institute and CISD, writes about the spread of the coronavirus in Pakistan - 03 Apr
  • Taiwan Insight : Ian Inkster, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Taiwan Studies, writes about Taiwan's handling of the coronavirus pandemic - 03 Apr
  • : James Edward Hoare, Research Associate and former senior UK diplomat in Pyongyang, comments on how North Korea's missile tests seek to gain US attention - 31 Mar
  • proletari comunisti , : Four SOAS scholars and others call for the release of political prisoners in India - 31 Mar
  • The Diplomat Magazine : SOAS alumnus, Will Doran writes about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia - 06 Apr
  • Associated Press of Pakistan , UrduPoint , Pakistan Perspectives : Renowned historian Dr Zawwar Hussain Zaidi, who taught at SOAS for 42 years, is remembered on his 11th death anniversary for his contribution in Pakistan - 31 Mar
  • Dawn (Pakistan) : An obituary of Thomas Grahame Bailey, Urdu writer and reader at SOAS - 31 Mar

Items related to Africa

  • Council On Foreign Relations : Bulama Bukarti, Research Associate in Law writes about how jihadi groups in Africa will exploit COVID-19 - 03 Apr
  • University World News : Dr Añulika Agina, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies comments on Morocco offering tele-education for students without access to the internet as universities shut down campuses to limit the spread of the coronavirus. - 31 Mar
  • IOL , AfricanDiasporaLeaders : Professor Ben Fine, Emeritus Professor of Economics, is among 76 economists urging the South African government to do more to protect the economy amid coronavirus pandemic - 31 Mar

Items related to the Middle East

  • Wire , : Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Professor in Global Thought and Comparative Philosophies, writes about Persian-Muslim polymath Sa’adi’s ‘Bani Adam’ echoing the coronavirus crisis - 01 Apr
  • Le Monde Diplomatique : Daniel Marwecki, Senior Teching Fellow in Politics and International studies, discusses unique relations between The Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel - 01 Apr
  • New Politics : Dr Adam Hanieh, Lecturer in Development Studies, looks at the new wave of large-scale popular uprisings across the Middle East - 02 Apr
  • The Jewish Chronicle : Colin Shindler Emeritus Professor writes about settlements on the West Bank - 03 Apr
  • Muslim Institute : Esme L K Partridge, Student of Religions (with Arabic) writes about How to Cope With Self-Isolation, According to a 9th Century Islamic Philosopher Al-Kindi - 04 Apr

Items related to other regions/General SOAS

  • il manifesto : Dr Ulrich Volz, Director of the Center for Sustainable Finance, signs letter to Angela Merkel in favour of Eurobonds in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic - 06 Apr
  • CADTM : Dr Adam Hanieh, Lecturer in Development Studies,  writes about the importance of treating Covid-19 like a global pandemic - 31 Mar
  • Forbes : Felicia Jackson, Lecturer in Global Energy and Climate Policy and Finance, Sustainability and Climate Change writes about the possibility of Covid-19 could change the oil markets - 31 Mar
  • El Pais , Forbes , Agenda Pública , En Positivo : Professor Guy Standing, Research Associate in Development Studies comments on Spain's plans to roll out a universal basic income for all in light of the coronavirus pandemic - 06 Apr
  • , : Professor Guy Standing, Research Associate in Development Studies, argues that basic income can stop the post-coronavirus economic crisis in the US - 02 Apr
  • Simple Justice : Kevin Jon Heller, Professor of Criminal Law, comments on the representation of criminal law in telelvision dramas - 06 Apr
  • INews gr : Costas Lapavitsas, Professor of Economics, writes about the effect of the coronavirus on the Greek economy - 03 Apr
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung : Dr Gabriele vom Bruck, Senior Lecturer in the Social Anthropology of the Middle East writes a letter about Russian conspiracy theories during the Covid-19 outbreak - 01 Apr
  • Compass , The Finance Innovation Lab , Cles : Jan Toporowski, Professor of Economics and Finance is among a number of experts to demand faster action from the UK Government - 01 Apr
  • City Limits : Bilal Zenab Ahmed, Doctoral student studying the Philosophies and Economics of Northwest Pakistan, calls for expanded credit unions in New York for future crises - 01 Apr
  • Counter Currents : Masters student Justin Theodra writes about the life of Ernest Mandel - 05 Apr
  • The Jewish Chronicle : Colin Shindler Emeritus Professor writes about Pesach 80 years ago and what came after - 06 Apr
  • Daily Mirror : SOAS alumnus, David Lammy MP is announced Shadow Justice Secretary in Labour's new shadow cabinet - 06 Apr
  • International Water Power & Dam Construction : A recent research project led by the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP) at SOAS investigated the motivations behind Chinese involvement in overseas hydropower construction - 01 Apr
  • The Guardian , Tech Register : Fuad Nahdi's obituary - the prominent British Muslim journalist and activist and former SOAS masters student whose voice was heard from Downing Street to Dakar - 01 Apr
  • Campus Magazine : SOAS is mentioned as one of the UK's top universities to study a humanities and languages degree - 06 Apr