Statement from the Chair of the Board: 18 March 2021

18 March 2021

The following statement has been discussed with and is endorsed by all members of the Board, with the exception of the two student members where the Students’ Union have issued their own statement.

In our statement of Tuesday 16 March 2021 , we set out a series of actions that are now taking place, including an independent external investigation by Judy Clements OBE.

As Chair of the Board, I have agreed with Director Adam Habib that he will step aside while this investigation takes place, so as not to compromise the investigation.

We are affirming that all the actions set out in the Board statement on Tuesday continue to be taken forward. We will continue to find ways to facilitate the mediated conversations and engagement - including with Adam - that centre the Black community and the SOAS community broadly, in ways that also do not compromise the process of the investigation.

Adam will step aside as of today, ahead of the commencement of the investigation and until the conclusion of the process.

Day-to-day running of SOAS is being handed over to Professor Claire Ozanne, who will serve as Interim Director. Claire is currently Deputy Director and Provost at SOAS and plays a key role in providing academic and strategic leadership.

Marie Staunton
Chair of SOAS Board of Trustees