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Key information

Research Associate
BSc. Economics (LSE)


Paul Schulte is a nonresident senior associate in the Carnegie Nuclear Policy Program and at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on the future of deterrence, nuclear strategy, nuclear nonproliferation, cyber security, and their political implications.

Schulte is a Research Associate in the Disarmament and Globalisation Program at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Additionally he is a senior visiting fellow at both the Centre for Defense Studies at King’s College at the University of London and the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

He previously served as chief speechwriter to two UK defense secretaries (2006–2007), as director of proliferation and arms control for the UK Ministry of Defence, and as UK commissioner on the UN commissions for Iraqi disarmament, UNSCOM and UNMOVIC (1997–2002).

He also worked in Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority as director of defense organization in the Office of National Security Affairs (2004), the office responsible for rebuilding the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, and was founding head of the UK’s Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit (2004–2005) involved in planning the initial integrated British civil-military campaign in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

Research interests

  • Ethical and aspects of conflict and disarmament and consequences for the political sustainability of various security choices
  • The future of Just War Theory and the implications of emerging technologies;
  • Non-proliferation and verification
  • The history, future and interpenetration of terrorist psychologies, ideologies and methods
  • Intervention, Stabilisation and counterinsurgency
  • Media treatments of conflict
  • Nuclear history and deterrence theory
  • NATO nuclear posture and doctrine
  • Cyber security and cyber deterrence
  • National Strategic Cultures



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