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Pauline Harlay

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Key information

Department of Anthropology and Sociology Graduate Teaching Assistant
BA (Oxford), MPhil (Cambridge)
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Thesis title
Tea, Taste and Traders: Cultural Mediators and the Reinvention of the Chinese ‘Traditional’ Beverage (working title)
Internal Supervisors
Dr Elizabeth Hull & Dr Jakob Klein


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My BA and MPhil dissertations, for which I conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Taiwan, focused on the link between the reintroduction of a ‘traditional’ aboriginal festival in rural Taiwan and the region’s indigenous rights movement. Following the completion of my MPhil, I worked for Taiwanese tea specialist Tseng Yuhui in Paris. This experience with a renowned ‘master’ developed my technical knowledge of tea, which helped me frame my PhD project on tea culture. During the years I spent away from academia, I also worked as a Mandarin to French translator: among other works, I translated a novel and a short story by Chinese author Liu Cixin, to be published next year. My PhD is funded by ESRC.

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